The relationships we've built with them


Everything in PPC, be it consumer intent, the landscape, technology or the platforms, is always evolving.

Here at Nuts N Bolts we have the combination of right people and right technology, which ensures your paid search activity is at the foreground of digital innovation.

We Make Sure Your Business Stays Ahead Of The Curve

We can boost your sales and lead pipeline as well.This is how a campaign launched by us works:

> First we discuss the marketing objectives, metrics and budget.

> Then we pitch a proposal, which includes messaging and budget options.

> Once we are ready with the ad campaign, we seek approval prior to the launch.

> Post launch, we constantly monitor the campaign and also make required changes in it to meet your demands.

> We then prepare a report regarding the campaign and also keep tweaking the campaign to make it better.

Different Sorts of PPC Advertising

Google AdWords

We will help you in devising a Google AdWords strategy, which will make your business visible to the target audience when they search for your products or services on Google.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is a great social media platform that can help you in getting traffic on your page. With Facebook cost per click advertising, we can help you in connecting with your target audience directly and make them stay engaged with your brand.

Display Advertising

If you are planning to outspread the reach of a bigger marketing campaign or want to create brand demand or brand awareness for a new/not so familiar product or service, then opt for display advertising.


Remarketing campaigns target people who have visited your website in the past or visited your landing pages, to cross sell, up sell, remind or incentivize them.

Our Clients

The relationships we've built with them